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EBC will be at 7:15 and C

That is right, Elephant Bird Camp will be placed at 7:15 and Columbine (we will probably change that name to something else, shhh).

Our placers really did us a solid this year and gave us 100 feet of frontage with 100 feet of depth. This will really give us the space we need to have an effective theme camp to not only entertain, but also to live. We got the right amount of early entries we needed to, so get ready for a righteously rocking camp this year.

We plan on having DJs throw day parties every afternoon and each evening we will have a special and unique event planned. Stay tuned to come to the best EBC yet!


Burning Man theme camp placement goes out tonight. We will find out if EBC was placed or not. If not, then we gotta rethink our approach to building our camp. If yes, then we are in business and our 2 camp system experiment can begin to take more form.

Here is what they said in their email for all who are curious:


By tonight you should receive individualized notification whether you are placed
or not, and if you are, where? First we wanted to share some of our thought
process behind making placement decisions.

What do placers really think, and how can this help you?

Bigger is not better: especially when an increase in the size of the camp
does not see a proportional increase in interactivity for participants.

Our reserved area for Theme Camps and Villages at BRC are finite. Placing 10
smaller theme camps is much easier than placing 10 very large camps. There
is a higher likelihood of a more interactive area with the 10 smaller camps.
When we look at camps that are becoming larger and requesting more space,
we really look at the what the interactivity is and if the size request seems
to be justified.

Collaboration = Village

We at Burning Man love collaboration. Villages also have a limit on how big
they can be, so again the smaller the camps within the village the more
camps that can get together and share resources. This truly is the model for
collaboration, as it is very difficult for the placement team to accommodate
numerous requests from individual camps that wish to share borders, and yet
are not a village. In essence those requests create a “camp” that becomes
too big to place.

Interactivity- Completed Questionnaires - Proportional Sizes =  Placement -
If we have the room!

Our team reads each and every questionnaire. We look at each and every camp
plan. We are getting a sense of what the trends are and how to approach our
job each year to help create a vital - functioning- fun city when our event
begins, after all we only have a week! If some camps are not placed,
generally it is because it is not a good fit. Keep in mind when completing a
questionnaire - that the interactivity, completeness of questionnaires, and
the proportional size are by far the highest priorities on our lists.”

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